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Tokeda History

The VAST majority of this site is under construction!

First, let's start with a little background information. After serving more than 26 years in the Navy, it was time to make some decisions about how to move forward professionally. With the GI-Bill in my pocket, opportunities for which direction to take seemed endless.

While serving at Navy Recruiting Command, I started an informational Web site,, and for ten years now, it has been a hobby of mine -- it's fun. So, that helped me make the decision.

My GI-Bill has helped me move forward with two separate yet complementary paths; Web Development and Graphic Arts.

The Origin of Tokeda

You never really know when inspiration will hit you, but a few years ago I asked my wife what a good company name would be, and she instantly replied, "Tokeda". I was confused, and asked, what is a Tokeda? She explained that it is a combination of the first two letters of our three son's names in the order of their birth. Tommy, Kevin, and David. Inspired!

A Portfolio of Wares

This Web site is done mostly in black and white because it is a billboard for showing the products I create -- I want the images and videos to standout. In the Web Development section, I will have templates with a lot more jazz available. Feel free to use any of the files, all I ask is that you provide proper attributution -- that attribution can come in the form of a link back to or a mention in the credits of your video production.